Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Different Printing Methods in Custom T- Shirt

Business like T-shirt printing have similar essential ways to make their business prosper, makes use of a lot of methods and skills in creations. Nevertheless, each and every technique that is being applied may have their own bad and good benefits. This article is written for the intention that it will help you to distinguish several approach to give you some ideas if you want to run custom tees business of yours and if you just reviewing to let know the quality of the shirt you are going to buy.

Screen Printing - The Most Typical Method in T-shirt Printing

This type of printing method is the most traditional and classical way in printing T-shirts. This is done by using screen that are pressed in to the cloth to do paint the certain design using one colour at a time adding, that in every screen uses one color. The screen printing works using hand or a machines. The screen printing produces finest quality of print that has an assurance that it will not leave a crack for a long time, nevertheless, this procedure is an untidy and does not applicable to small orders.

Heat Press Paper Transfer - Methods Which Uses Full Colour Designs

In this type of procedure is being done by printing the design on the sheet of paper which has another name "transfer paper", after that the paper is placed on the clothing through the use of heat press. In this kind of printing method, the procedure is quick and also will form various colour designs and more importantly it is applicable with a single or small orders, but, the disadvantage on this techniques is that the design will be easily crack.

Heat Press Vinyl Transfer - Also Use Heat Press in Designs

Similar to the other method such as paper transfer printing, this heat vinyl printing also works with the use of heat press to put the vinyl that has been cut particularly into a clothing. With this kind of printing approach, it is applicable a type of designs that has lettering-heavy designs which has a few colours, furthermore, it is also available in fluorescent colours. However, there are scarcity of colours that are available so what it needs to do is to place colours apart.

Dye Sublimation - May Also Comes in Full Colors

The advantage in this printing techniques is you are sure that your design will be in good effects because it uses all the colours that needs to apply, nevertheless, it just fit for polyester cloth. Among others mentioned above, this is just the only printing method that it will also applicable to other kinds materials aside from garments like ceramics, coasters and even the key chains.

Direct to Garment Printing - Most Modern Way in T-shirt Printing

In this printing procedure, printing designs on shirts is very easy and it will not take you hours to wait for the reason that the design will be printed directly on shirts. The outcome of this effective techniques is premium prints and assure that it will print any designs you desire even colours, nonetheless, you cannot print designs on darker clothes. The machinery that is use in this printing is very expensive and nit good for bulky orders, so this is only best for limited orders. It is best to make your own tee.

Be sensitive to the facts that despite it uses the high cost printer doesn’t mean that the design is always at its best because that will only depends on how the artwork is being done. To be sure that the outcome of your design will be of high quality, then you have to use printer with high-resolution images.

Aside from the techniques that are mentioned above, there are still other Personalized T-shirt Printing methods, however, the ways above are the most common. Do not forget that the several negative and positive sides of every methods are also added information to assure the quality of the printed designs on shirts.

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